HuHa Animation YouTube Channel Expands Reach, Recruits Popular German YouTuber [INTERVIEW]

While much of YouTube’s most popular content revolves around web series and vloggers, animated channels are also making a strong presence on the video-sharing site. Last year, UK-based network ChannelFlip, which has over 140 channels and 1.5 billion views on YouTube, received funding from Google for three languages (English, French and German) and then launched HuHa, an animated channel tailored for adults that features absurd, dry humor series.

Wouter Mayeur, Translation and Localization Specialist at ChannelFlip, said:

“We have some very successful animators in our network, and we wanted to make an original channel together with them. We thought the idea of YouTube to start with original channels was a great opportunity to do this. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without YouTube’s funding and the fact that we could branch out into new (for ChannelFlip) markets made it even more appealing.”

When the French and German channels launched in January, ChannelFlip discovered popular German YouTuber Albertoson after he expressed interest in working with the German HuHa channel called DeHuHa in one of his recent vlog posts. His audience made many comments on the DeHuHa channel, which prompted ChannelFlip to collaborate with Albertoson on an animated series. Albertoson is known for his beatboxing abilities and his sketch and vlog videos that are uploaded every Wednesday. His channel gets between 5-7 million views each month.

When the deal was announced, Managing Director and ChannelFlip Co-Owner Will Harris said:

“Our early success in Germany has been really exciting, and we are very pleased with what Albertoson has done for DeHuHa with his video. We look forward to the fan’s reactions when we publish the cartoon with Albert, and we are very excited to work together with Tube-Agency on future collaborations.”

Denis Muller, Director of Sales at Tube-Agency, who represents Albertoson, added: “We are very excited about the upcoming relationship with ChannelFlip, whether it is the cartoon with Albert or any other channels we will develop together. YouTube is still the strongest social community out there and we are very excited about the opportunities it holds for both us and ChannelFlip.”

Because of the language barrier, Mayeur spoke to us on Albertoson’s behalf about the creator’s accomplishments in the YouTube world and what viewers outside of Germany can expect from the German beatbox master and popular vlogger.

How did you discover Albertoson?

Wouter Mayeur: ChannelFlip discovered Albertoson after a lot of his fans posted comments on the DeHuHa videos. We soon realized that Albertoson is one of the most successful German YouTubers, and couldn’t let an opportunity like this to collaborate with him slip.

Why was he a great fit for an animated series?

Albert is an extraordinary character with many different skills. The speed in which he speaks is both impressive and hilarious. Having a cartoon that can speak, beatbox, walk and move like him cannot be other than funny. The colleagues at ChannelFlip who don’t even understand him, find him very funny.

How do you think his talent and his upcoming cartoon series will do since most of his content is in German?

I think they will do great. Albert has a lot of character in his voice. Even if you don’t understand what he says because you don’t speak the language you will be entertained.

What projects can we expect from HuHa in the future?

HuHa has several more exciting animated series to come. The translation partner business DubCrowd is launching several more German channels that will require collaborations from German YouTubers.

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