Hulu Adds ‘Kids Lock’ Feature to iOS App to Keep Children Away From Adult Content


In its latest update to the Hulu Plus app on the iPhone and iPad, a “Kids Lock” feature has been added that will allow users to block access to the platform’s adult-oriented content from their children while still allowing them to watch hours of kid-friendly content such as Nickelodeon cartoons and new episodes of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Keeping your kids out of the rated R films and TV-MA shows is easy. When you’re on the navigation screen, click on the lock symbol, and if you want to get out of “Kids Lock” mode, click on the lock symbol again and enter your account password.

Both Hulu Plus and rival Netflix have been extensively marketing their services to families and children. Hulu has brought in Nickelodeon cartoons to its roster of titles while Netflix and Dreamworks are currently developing an original animated series that will debut at the end of the year.