Religious Message in Lieu of Tip Stirs Internet’s Ire over Fired Waitress

So a waitress just got fired from Applebees (they should have just named this restaurant “Generic Stupid Name” — it amounts to the same thing) because she posted a photo of a receipt from a bad customer. The customer, a pastor (a female pastor, might I add, as if that makes a difference), wrote on the check in lieu of a tip, “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” A waitress from the restaurant then put the receipt up on Reddit (a common practice with both bad and good receipts). The pastor, apparently a Redditor, saw the post and complained to the company. The waitress in question was then terminated for “breach of company policy.”

The internet, being firmly on the side of the little guy (unless they are in a bullying mood that day…) has now responded in kind, flooding Applebee’s Facebook page with messages of hate and commentary on everything from food to name to service to conduct. Basically, today, Applebee’s is the internet’s number one enemy (MIT breathes a sigh of relief).

Here’s the thing though: The girl who got the bad tip wasn’t the one who posted the receipt. Another employee, without company permission, took said receipt and posted it online, leaving the names of all parties involved intact. So who’s really the bad guy here? Is it the cheap-ass pastor (who has since apologized for what she admits was a moment of poor judgment)? Is it the restaurant for firing the girl despite commenter accounts of them publishing receipts online with no names redacted in the past (as incidences of positive service)? Or is it the waitress, who wasn’t even the wronged party, basically outing the pastor for being cheap?

Judge Jeff is about to rule.

In the case of Shit-e-bee’s versus the thief versus the cheapskate, I find all parties guilty. Internet, lay off — we’re calling this one a mulligan. The waitress deserved to get fired, not because she posted “private information” online, but because she’s a goddamn story thief. She posted that receipt like she got jobbed. That ain’t yo role! The pastor will now have to live with the shame of being an internet asshole (there is a long line of them to be sure), and Applebees has taken a load of shit over this. They are being forcibly dragged into the new world order, where slighting the “little guy” has real world repercussions (Papa John’s learned that too). Clearly nobody should boycott Applebee’s though, as that will just hurt the remaining employees (including the waitress that actually got jobbed on that tip). Case closed.     

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