Is ‘Harlem Shake’ 2013’s ‘Gangnam Style’? [VIDEO]


Sometimes when a YouTube video, as the Huffington Post puts it, goes “hella viral,” it feels like the internet is playing an elaborate joke on itself that becomes so meta no one even knows if it is a gag anymore. Case in point, “Harlem Shake,” or more specifically “Harlem Shake” videos.

Here’s how it all started. Last week, YouTube comedian Filthy Frank put out a compilation of comedy videos titled “FILTHY COMPILATION #6 — SMELL MY FINGERS,” in which, at the top of the compilation, Frank and some possible S&M fetishists got together and went H.A.M (read Hard As a Motherfucker) to the trap anthem “Harlem Shake.”

From there, as is the internet’s want, people flipped their proverbial lids and “Harlem Shake” videos swept the web like so many dance-fueled wildfires.

For your convenience, I’ve broken down how to create a “Harlem Shake” video in three easy-to-follow steps.

1. Wear some kind of headgear.
2. Put on trap producer Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”
3. Get wild like, as Das Racist once put, “three caged boars.”

As far as internet trends go, “Harlem Shake” videos are pretty great. There is something infectious about watching mostly white people dance terribly to hip-hop and crunk-infused dub.

So far, the 2013 internet trend watch reads like this : having fake girlfriends, David Beckham’s abs, little kids being good at basketball, Kai, beastiality and now Harlem Shake videos. Now that’s how you start a New Year.

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