Is The New YouTube Channel Design As Bad As Everyone Thinks It Is?

The internet is a strange and unruly beast. More often than not, within the 0s and 1s that make up the web, someone is getting bent out of shape. Sometimes its over pervy subreddits, sometimes its because of Facebook layouts, and recently, people are getting really worked up about the brand new YouTube channel design.

Some people, like these 5,000 or so people, are absolutely pissed about YouTube’s new channel design. If you’ve spent any time on YouTube boards then you have probably seen comments like this:

“Alright, so you thought they couldn’t fuck it up anymore, when they designed Cosmic Panda? Well, it appears that you’re wrong.”

So, what’s the big deal? What’s stressing YouTubers out so much that they’re signing petitions and posting rant videos? Strangely enough, it all comes down to lack of customization.

The biggest complaint coming from YouTubers involves the new channel designs custom banner. Previously, partners had the top of their channels plus side banners to create custom designs.


With the new design, side banners have been tossed out opening the page up to for more videos and space for featured videos and channels.


So, is any of that worth flipping out over? Looking at it now, as YouTube shifts towards more television-style viewing experiences, I gotta say, I don’t see the issue here.

No customization would definitely be a problem if YouTube weren’t replacing side banners and headers for something significantly better — a more sophisticated homepage.

The key to success on any digital platform resides on keeping people’s attention and giving them reasons to click on your videos. The new channel layout has stacked homepages with dozens of videos. Long gone are the days of confusing playlists and single column video finders.


In addition, YouTube has introduced trailer videos that will introduce new viewers to your channel and prompt them to subscribe to your channel. If you were concerned about personal branding, the trailer video will be your ticket to letting people know what your channel is all about. A static banner image replaced by a customized video where you personally ask people to subscribe sounds like a decent trade off to me.

The new YouTube is all about keeping people on channels so they’ll watch, subscribe and interact. And sure, YouTube is rolling out this new design to help push their network initiative. But in the YouTube ecosphere, you, the creator are the product, and YouTube is going to “sell” you the best way they know how. This new channel design may look bland, but it has genuinely been built to get people to watch your videos. So put the pitchforks away, at least until Google releases that T100 they’ve been testing.

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