Justin Bieber’s Attempted Live Stream Results In First Look At Unreleased Track

Instead of attending the 55th Grammy Awards in Hollywood this past Sunday, Justin Bieber decided to spend his evening a little more casually by serenading his fans in a personal live stream. But like all well-planned dates, the Internet Gods were not on Bieber’s side last night.

Via Twitter, Bieber announced that he would be sharing with fans new music and answering questions during an hour-long live stream that would start at 8 p.m.

But come Sunday, after two hours of trying, the Biebs apologized for being unable to connect online due to a faulty internet connection and an oversaturation of fans flooding the site. Following his apology message, Bieber released via Twitter an unfinished recording of a song he’s been working on titled “You Want Me” — rumored to be written for his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Though the live stream may not have worked out as planned, Bieber fans worldwide are now reaping the rewards for their loyalty and patience with an exclusive track they will be blasting for months to come.

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