Kid Shoots Hoops Like A Damned Basketball Sniper [VIDEO]

This baby is the Tiger Woods of shooting baskets. Hell, he might even be the Lebron James of shooting baskets. Quite simply, this little motherfucker is amazing.

More than amazing, perhaps. Stupefying. And yet, you’ve got to be careful. Let me tell you the story of another superstar phenom child athlete: Todd Marinovich. Todd was bred to play football. His dad played football and married another athlete who would breed him a football superstar. In the womb, Todd was fed a specific muscle-enhancing diet. In his youth, Todd was intensely trained utilizing strict conditioning regimens out of Eastern Europe. Sports Illustrated called him “the first test tube athlete.” He was taken ahead of Brett Favre in the NFL Draft. And then the drugs and pressure of everything cracked Todd Marinovich like an egg. Drummed out of the league, fell hard into legal troubles. He is now the cautionary tale for parents “overdoing it.”

So sure, when you see a cute little “can’t miss” kid like this, your first instinct is to go “Aww” and then your second instinct is to kill him and cut him to pieces so he won’t outshine your own child (don’t act like that wasn’t your plan!). But the reality is, this kid likely won’t give a shit about basketball once he discovers masturbation and huffing model airplane glue. And if that turns out to be the case, well then, good. He’s normal.

But if he does stick with this basketball thing, well, lets just say I heard the Beltway Sniper was good at basketball once too.

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