Kingsley Celebrates 200th YouTube Video By Sharing How He Made It ‘Big’ [VIDEO]

Like most big YouTubers, Kingsley never intended to make more than one video on YouTube. But between his high school graduation and first year of college in 2009, he was working the night shift waiting tables at TGI Fridays, which left him with free mornings to fill. As a remedy for nothing being on TV and a prevailing boredom, Kingsley decided to take a shot at vlogging. Kingsley, inspired by original YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and Qaadir, began making videos just as a hobby but has quickly become one of the most loved personalities on YouTube.

Four years and 200 videos later, Kingsley has become known for his epic rants about life and his segment “Overexposed,” all of which has amassed him more than 1.7 million loyal subscribers and 220 million video views.


“When I made my first video, I never thought I’d make 199 more,” Kingsley shares with NMR. He adds:

“YouTube has been one of the most interesting and unexpected experiences of my life. It’s crazy to me how there are people who have watched me for nearly four years, who tell me I make them happy … I make them laugh … that they can always count on me to brighten their day. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, but I am grateful for each and every person who has watched me. The people I’ve met, the opportunities I’ve had … none of that would be possible without them.”

In his 200th video, “The Chronicles of Kingsley: The Bored, The Hate & The Flawlessness,” Kingsley answers the question of how he went “big” on YouTube. So congrats, Kingsley, and we’re excited to hear the rants, fuzzy hats and laughs that come from your next 200 videos!

For NMR’s interview with Kingsley:

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