LEGO Avengers’ ‘Harlem Shake’ Is The World’s Mightiest YouTube Video


This morning, much to my sorrow, the credit office located directly next to NMR’s worldwide headquarters discovered “Harlem Shake” videos. While everyone at said office I’m sure are perfectly okay people, their discovery is certainly a harbinger of the rough times ahead.

Hold on a second, just going to check my email here. Hm, one email from “Mom” with the subject “Hi Mattie, have you seen the Harlem Shake?”


Not pulling the “I knew about it before it was cool card” here, but “Harlem Shake” can’t be that far away from a group of gyrating nightmare pistachios. So, let’s enjoy it one last time before the inevitable backslide with the above Lego Avengers version. It’s pretty great, like you, dear reader.