NMR 3rd Annual Streamy Awards Coverage

Welcome to NMR’s coverage of the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles! Our reporters are on the ground and we’ll keep you posted throughout the afternoon about who’s on the red carpet, who are the winners and any other important items. You can watch the stream and read our updates below and sound off on our Streamys chat. Remember to refresh this page if you want updates!

[Update] Event has now ended, check out NMR’s coverage below!

[5:17 PM] Well, there goes the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards. Check NMR for more Streamy Award updates as well as post-Streamy coverage featuring red carpet interviews and analysis. Thanks for reading!

[5:17 PM] Of course, no Streamy Awards is complete with some old school classics. Vanilla Ice is performing the song everyone’s been waiting for…”Ice Ice Baby”! Is the party jumping? I think so. He even said “Word to your mother.”

[5:11 PM] Wait, is Chester See going acoustic on “Ice Ice Baby”? No way!

[5:09 PM] Now it’s Mike Tompkins’s turn and he’s teaching Vanilla Ice a thing or two about “Play That Funky Music.”

[5:09 PM] OK, the Ice is back with “Play That Funky Music.” Looks like everyone’s standing up and going crazy for the 90s.

[5:07 PM] Wow that was shorter than I was expected. Vanilla Ice gets out of the stage and brings out “Epic Rap Battles of History” recreating the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs match.

[5:06 PM] Alan: The audience is really into Vanilla Ice. I see a sea of cell phones for him.

[5:05 PM] Vanilla Ice is back! GO NINJA! GO NINJA! GO! I need not say more.

[5:01 PM] Is David Hasselhoff drunk again? With Verne Troyer presenting an award, it’s starting to feel like a 90’s celebrity reunion of sorts. Oh crap it’s that Thanksgiving girl Nicole Westbrook, Antoine Dodson and that super-emotional cat lady scaring the heck out of the Hoff!

[4:58 PM] Streamy Personality of the Year goes to…MyDamnChannel’s Daily Grace! This is her second award of the night.

[4:54 PM] Nikki DeLoach and Masi Oka presenting Streamys Audience Choice Award for Series of the Year. Philip DeFranco’s SourceFed wins it.

[4:49 PM] SHOCKER! “Burning Love” wins its third award for the night. Cue for the Smoshers flooding Twitter right now.

[4:47 PM] Typical drunk Harley coming on stage–with a red cup! Now he’s presenting the Best Comedy Series with Jay Rodriguez.

[4:44 PM] The cast of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” just premiered the second season trailer right here at the Streamy Awards that’s “Koming Soon.” Har har har. They said that the first season got 62 million views. After watching this, I don’t see why it can’t get 62 million more next season.

[4:42 PM] Missy Peregrym wins for “Cybergeddon” and probably one of the more excited winners of the night. Her speech was too short though.

[4:41 PM] NMR friend Olga Kay and actor Xander Berkeley presenting the Streamy Award Best Female Performance Drama. Strong women indeed.

[4:35 PM] “What’s Trending with Shira Lazar” goes home with the Streamy for Best Live Series.

[4:31 PM] The Streamy goes to…Hannah Hart! Hartosexuals! Remember to check NMR for our interview with her coming soon!

[4:29 PM] Eden Sher and Shane Dawson presenting the Streamy Award for Best Female Performance Comedy. Please, no more tampon eater jokes!

[4:27 PM] Maker Studio co-founder and YouTube pioneer Lisa Donovan presenting part 3 of what it means to be a content creator.

[4:26 PM] Is it me or the performers getting better through each segment? Maybe Vanilla Ice’s performance will really be epic.

[4:24 PM] Alan: “Everyone take a seat. A big performance” in reference to soon-to-be YouTube NMR Rockstars…Boyce Avenue!

[4:19 PM] KassemG gets Best Host Streamy for “California On.” Matt: Well, it’s official. KassemG is a better host than Larry King. Makes sense. Wait, no it doesn’t. Funny dude though.

[4:17 PM] Ty Pennington and ShayCarl announcing Best Host. Where has Ty been all these years?

[4:16 PM] MysteryGuitarMan is now presenting more of the awards previously announced. Despite his legion of fans, he’s not quite a man of words tonight.

[4:14 PM] Nice Peter wins Best Online Musician for “Epic Rap Battles of History.” May he make more and more historical rap battles in the future! In case you haven’t seen his work, check out some battles featuring Snoop Dogg and Jenna Marbles.

[4:12 PM] Jamie Kennedy, please leave the stage. Now coming up on stage: Lance Bass and the Fine Bros. presenting the Streamy for Best Online Musician.

[4:06 PM] Guess who’s joining Shontelle? Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Savannah Outen, Lisa Lavie are up on stage right now. Sounds beautiful and it’s probably the best performance so far. We’ll wait and see if Vanilla Ice will bring the 90s back.

[4:04 PM] NMR friend Taryn Southern is presenting Shontelle. She’s presenting a video featuring the myriad of covers of her viral hit “Impossible.” I think her performance looks promising.

[4:02 PM] And the winner is…”Burning Love!” Man, Kevin Marino is winning it tonight! With his wife on stage, I think he’ll stop hugging the award presenter profusely.

[4:01 PM] Yay for “Glee.” Some of the cast members are presenting the award for Best Ensemble Cast.

[3:59 PM] Xander Berkeley wins Male Drama Performance Streamy for “The Booth at the End.”

[3:58 PM] iJustine rocking it with that striped black and white dress! That said she and Ryan Kwanten are presenting the award for Best Male Performer.

[3:53 PM] Best News & Culture Series goes to…The Philip DeFranco Show. Maybe SourceFed will win next Streamy Awards?

[3:51 PM] Toby Turner and Jeannie Mai are presenting the Streamy for Best News & Culture Series? Will it be Phil DeFranco, The Young Turks?

[3:48 PM] “H+ The Digital Series” wins the Streamy for Best Sci-Fi/Action Series. So those millions of dollars for “Halo 4” didn’t get them an award for this category. Surprised?

[3:46 PM] George Takei talking shit on William Shatner before presenting the Streamy for Best Action/Sci-Fi Series. Will “Halo 4” win a second Streamy?

[3:45 PM] Shira Lazar presenting the Pre-Live Streamy Winners. See the winners here.

[3:43 PM] “I’m screaming and shouting for ‘Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)'” said no one ever…and why are we listening to a recording of him rapping?

[3:42 PM] Soulja Boy’s on stage. I thought the word “swag” died a long time ago. Not sure if Soulja Boy’s performance is bringing that “swag” back.

[3:39 PM] The biggest ad buyers so far on the Streamy Awards are Coca-Cola (duh), Maker Studios and Machinima.

[3:37 PM] Now that Ken’s off the stage, can someone get Jamie Kennedy a better writer? “I’m just getting used to opening videos and not seeing boobies.” How in the hell is that funny?

[3:34 PM] Streamy Award for Best Male Comedy Performance for goes to Ken Marino for “Burning Love.” Ken can’t stop hugging and namedropping. That is all.

[3:32 PM] Jamie Kennedy? I thought he was shunned after that New Year’s Eve fiasco. Don’t expect him to talk about THAT viral video. Oh and he really doesn’t want to be here.

[3:30 PM] Anthony Zuiker introduces video featuring new media creators talking about why they love their job. Seems like the same thing as the intro video. “I am a creator.”

[3:28 PM] Funny titles, but only one can win. The winner is…Tom Hanks’ Electric City!! Producers make awful impression of Tom Hanks.

[3:26 PM] Cast of SourceFed are up to present the Best Animated Series Streamy. “Give it up for the Internet!”

[3:25 PM] Matt: Machinima Prime just teased a show called “Omega.” Looks awesome.

[3:24 PM] Are people not excited? Alan: They are trying to get the audience to be more raucous. Relatively low energy.

[3:19 PM] Matt: Machinima’s “Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn” wins the Best Drama Streamy. A multi-million dollar show wins. “Wow what a shock!” said no one ever.

[3:18 PM] CBS stars Pauley Perrette and Kirsten Vangsness from “NCIS” and “Criminal Minds” respectively on stage presenting the Streamy for Best Drama series.

[3:15 PM] And the Best First-Person series Streamy goes to…DAILY GRACE! Big surprise here as she beats Felicia Day and Phil DeFranco. She says: “Larry King just kissed me on the cheek. Sitting three feet from Soulja Boy. This is my greatest fetish realized.”

[3:13 PM] OK, Chris Hardwick has just finished his monologue. Now Larry King and Jenna Marbles are presenting the first award of the evening: Best First-Person Series. What. The. Fuck.

[3:10 PM] Hardwick to new media companies: “STOP ASKING PEOPLE TO MAKE VIRAL VIDEOS!”

[3:09 PM]Hardwick jokingly pleads to trolls: “Your is a possessive, you’re is a contraction! Please I beg you please learn the difference!” THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING FOR US!!

[3:06 PM] Hardwick said that web video has shifted the paradigm in society. Biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. “Web video can harness an event” of astronomical proportions such as the recent meteor videos from Russia. “Web video is beautiful and yet if you’ve been to the comment section…it’s the taint of humanity.”

[3:05 PM] Chris Hardwick talked about his last Streamy Awards performance, saying he’s been dry-humped by ShayCarl. “We all felt a little bit dry-humped by ShayCarl.”

[3:02 PM] Intro to Streamys includes content creators like Shane Dawson and Phil DeFranco talking about the virtues of new media…they’re reaching to a larger audience.

[3:01 PM] Matt Manarino: Chris Hardwick says that new media is better than traditional media and we can show that by “flipping the fuck out.”

[2:57 PM] Alan: Guy not named Chris Hardwick trying to pump up the crowd. He’s encouraging social media and streaming. Now a guy who sounds like Bruno is telling people to stay in their seats. They don’t want another repeat of the last Streamys!

[2:55 PM] Streamys are live and running! Remember to stay posted with NMR for all your updates!

[2:48 PM] Alan: New media stars as far as the eye can see are casually hanging out inside the Palladium.

[2:40 PM] Alan: Harley Morenstein of “Epic Meal Time” walked through the red carpet towering over everyone else with a beautiful woman on his harm. Jon Chu walked behind the press line without fanfare except from NMR.

[2:37 PM] The Young Turks COO Steve Oh announced on his Twitter feed that TYT won the Streamy Audience Choice Award. Congratulations!


[2:34 PM] Some big names have just arrived: Hannah Hart, Ryan Higa, iJustine and Lance Bass on the red carpet!

[2:20 PM] Soulja Boy’s up in this Streamy Awards right now. Not sure yet if he’ll be cranking it.


[2:12 PM] Boyce Avenue have entered the red carpet.


[2:01 PM] Here comes Chester See and Vanilla Ice! They’ll be performing together during the musical performances.
Alan: Vanilla Ice looks as happy as a clam. The 90s are back.



[1:54 PM] Alan reports that Philip DeFranco has arrived and he’s chatting with Toby Turner behind the press line.

[1:49 PM] The cast of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” are here!


[1:44 PM] Some of the big YouTubers have arrived early, including ShayCarl and his wife Katilette.


[1:19 PM] Executive Editor Alan Van reports that YouTube stand-up comedian Toby Turner walked behind the press line and did a twirl for a friend. He’s wearing red beat-up sneakers with his suit and his hair ain’t did.

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