Maker Studios and Viddy Team Up For ‘Viddy-O Show’ YouTube Series [INTERVIEW]

Video app Viddy is reaching out to a larger audience through a collaboration with Maker Studios on “Viddy-O Show,” a new web series that features NMR friend and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto, prankster Ed Bassmaster, dancer Nathan Barnatt and comedienne Glozell to curate the funniest home videos on the web as shared by Viddy users.

The co-executive producer of the show, Brandon Kraines, said that it’s a YouTube experiment that uses the clip show web series to highlight both YouTube and Viddy, a mobile app that lets you send and share short clips throughout your social networks. Sixteen episodes of the “Viddy-O Show” will be uploaded on Viddy’s channel, and a new episode will premiere every Wednesday.

NMR spoke to the “Viddy-O Show’s” co-executive producer Brandon Kraines about Maker Studios’ collaboration with Viddy.

How did you guys come up with the idea for the “Viddy-O Show”?

Brandon Kraines: YouTube’s Next Labs program wanted to do an experiment on cross-promoting two platforms—in this case Viddy and YouTube. They came to us and they knew we produced high quality content for YouTube and they said, “You guys do what you do, you make good clip shows and you have good talent on your roster. We want to do something in the form of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ in a Viddy platform.” The idea is we’re taking the most entertaining clips from Viddy and cross-pollinating these Viddy clips to our YouTube audience.

How did you get Ed Bassmaster, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Glozell and Nathan Barnatt to your program? Are they permanent hosts or will you be rotating guests?

They’re all signed to Maker Studios, and we hand-picked them because we thought their audience engagement and their audience demographics would fit best with Viddy’s platform. And they have great personalities, and they’re great on camera.


Are they permanent hosts or will you be rotating guests?

Those are the four hosts throughout the 16 episodes. It’s going to be a four-month run. We’re doing one episode per week every Wednesday. The first episode we’ll have all four hosts, but after that it’ll be one host per month. Ed Bassmaster will host the first month, Glozell the second month, Nathan Barnatt will be the third month and Timothy DeLaGhetto will host the fourth month. We’re going to have featured guest host along the way.

How is creating a web series like the “Viddy-OShow” good for marketing the Viddy app?

The important thing is letting your audience in your life on YouTube, and working with them directly is something unique and powerful, so the Viddy challenge is where the host announces a certain type of challenge. The first one we’re doing is “Best Wakeup Prank Viddy.” So you get to wake up a friend or somebody in a hilarious way and sell it and put it on Viddy. Our hosts are going to pick the victorious Viddy, which is essentially the winner, at the end of the month. If we get high engagement with our users in the month, we can probably make this into a weekly challenge. We’re also engaging the YouTube audience by making them familiar with Viddy. Every time we feature a video, we feature the Viddy user’s handle and profile picture.

What other cross-promotion projects are you guys working on now and in the future?

We just finished a big campaign for Pine-Sol that featured EdBassMaster, and they’re really hilarious prank videos, and that just launched two weeks ago. We’re probably going to use our verticals like the Game Station for a lot of different projects as well.

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