‘Marble Hornets’ YouTube Series To Become Hollywood Film [VIDEO]

Slender01Hide your children for The Slenderman cometh.

One of the great creepy myths of the internet, “Slenderman,” a tall, plain-faced creeper in a suit who does bad things to all (and seems to pop up in many, many photographs) is getting the Hollywood treatment. Or at least “Marble Hornets,” the eerie YouTube series devoted to “his legend,” will be getting a “based on” big screen adaptation. Score another one for motivated internet dreamers sticking to their craft until it paid off financially (I’m sure it’s paid emotional dividends for a few years now).

Troy Wagner and Joseph Delange, who started the “Marble Hornets” channel back in 2009, have been slavishly devoted to posting “found” footage to their page that delves into and exposes the legacy and lore behind the long, thin shadow man. In that time, the popular series has built a subscriber base of over 250,000 with 55 million total views. Of course, Marble Hornets is just a piece of the larger legacy that constitutes the “Slenderman” empire.

“This absolutely does not mean people can’t make a series based on The Slenderman anymore, nor does it mean we’re going to send out lawyers or something to the ones that are already out there. That’s the last thing I’d ever want to have happen,” says Wagner via his blog.

Further, Wagner assures fans that the series will not end with the big screen adaptation. “‘Marble Hornets’ will not be ending early because of this, I promise. Nothing at all has changed on that front.”

The film will be produced by Mosaic — the production company responsible for “The Other Guys” starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Considering it’s not slated to be a comedy, the “Slenderman” film should be a-ok.

No word yet though, on whether Victor Surge, the reputed originator of the “Slenderman” mythos gets a piece of that sweet Hollywood pie.

Check out the first episode of the series below, but, fair warning, it gets addicting.