Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Bosh Tout Coding in New Viral Video

It may look daunting, but the science of computer programming, or coding, has helped fuel the many internet companies we use today such as Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox. Yet it is one of the most important subjects that most schools don’t teach., a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing computer programming education, says that 1 in 10 schools nationwide teach students how to code, which leaves a million jobs unfilled. In this five-minute YouTube video featuring tech giants Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates as well as sports star Chris Bosh and singer Will.I.Am, the group tries to encourage more young people and institutions to learn about coding.

Starting off with a quote from the late Steve Jobs, “Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think,” the video goes on to give the perspectives of more than a dozen internet CEOs and celebrities as they talk about how they learned coding and how that knowledge helped them create the companies they run today.

The moral of the video? Coding is cool, and in the words of Will.I.Am: “Great coders are today’s rock stars.”

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