Matt Damon, Shay Carl Team Up To Save Water [VIDEO]



Matt Damon and Shay Carl have combined to make a video together. (Kermit flails his arms wildly) Waaaaaaaah!

In the sort of delightfully droll “happening” that we are coming to relate with Matt Damon (“I’m fucking Matt Damon,” et al), the master thespian has teamed up with the consummate YouTuber to make vlogging that much cooler.

In a video promotion for (a site Matt Damon co-founded) filmed at YouTube Creator Studios, Damon approaches the pulpit at a press conference and announces he “will no longer be going to the bathroom.” Any of it. Pee, poop, or even a combination of the two. “For $25,” he informs the crowd of celebrity reporters “covering” the event, you can give a person clean water for life.” He then turns to a familiar face in the crowd (Mr. Shay Carl himself) and says, “How much did you pay for that water bottle?”

(SPOILER ALERT?) Shay Carl responds, “I stole it.” Good stuff all around and it brings about the notion of funny viral videos that can actually bring about a positive change. That’s an idea that’s worth a damn.

For you Shay Carl/Matt Damon junkies, there is also a bang-up video circulating (listed below) in which Shay Carl teaches Damon the fine art of vlogging. Clearly, if this clean water vid is the result, Shay Carl taught him well. I can’t wait to see what comes next from either of these two characters performing at the top of their respective games.

But for God’s sake, Shay Carl, call it “soda” and not “pop.” You live in California now.



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