Meteorite Explosion in Russia Sparks Cosmic Memes [GALLERY]

In case you haven’t noticed, a meteoroid has struck Earth. In a city 800 miles east of Moscow, a 7,000 ton space rock slammed into our atmosphere at several thousand miles per hour and created a devastating sonic boom that purportedly injured 1,000 people. While injuries are unfortunate, we are lucky to have had this rare cosmic event happen in a country that has arguably the highest number of civilian dash cams in use (thanks insurance fraud!).

Minutes after videos of the event were uploaded onto YouTube, half-assed memes followed. It’s safe to say that Harlem Shake-weary internet users were thrown an astronomical bone when searching for the “next big meme.” I have saved you, NMR reader, much trouble and compiled a gallery of the more amusing memes that have so far come out of this event. Please enjoy, and try not to look up to the sky for the rest of the day.

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