VidIQ Tools Suite Promises to Help YouTube Creators Grow, Develop Their Audiences


VidIQ wants to make it easier for YouTube creators to work more efficiently and reach their targeted audiences. Today, they announced that they’ve opened their platform to the public thanks to $800 thousand raised from a group of investors that includes Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Rob Sandie, CEO and Co-Founder of VidIQ, said that more than ever, developing audiences is as important as putting out great content. He added: “CMOs and social media managers who use our suite are thrilled that they finally have a tool in their arsenal that allows them to double down on YouTube and drive real growth. This is a watershed moment for online video, and our tools ensure vidIQ’s users won’t be the last to arrive at the party.”

The platform is available as a free platform for small content creators and a paid service for enterprises and larger content creators. Clients that have tested VidIQ’s platform and services include AOL, Mondo Media and Revision3.

Some of the ways that VidIQ will drive viewer engagement and YouTube channel growth include tools that would help brands discover their top influencers through social media networks, improve SEO, a detailed analytics dashboard, automated workflows that help content creators work with each other more efficiently, and bulk editing to help marketers promote YouTube content.

VidIQ is joining a growing number of companies like Ben Smith’s Blayze, TubularLabs and Brendan Gahan’s Mekanism in assisting YouTube content creators in better reaching their audiences through engagement and marketing. These companies also discussed the value of video viewership in a recent forum on NMR.

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