New YouTube Feature Lets Creators Pay To Have Their Video Captions Translated


Last year, YouTube introduced a caption translation feature where content creators can translate their captions manually or ask other YouTubers to help with their translations. The service currently has capabilities for 300-plus languages, yet it proved to be cumbersome for creators who’d rather be making content than figure out how to phrase something properly in Mandarin.

You’re probably thinking—how can I try to translate the captions when I don’t know how to write in Spanish? Can’t somebody else do it?

Yes, somebody else can do it. YouTube announced on the Creator Blog today that it is partnering with two translation companies, Gengo and, to provide services for content creators who want to spread their content worldwide.


You can pay for translation services by clicking on the “Request translation” button and write the caption track that needs to be translated. Once you’re finished, click on the “Start order” button for one of the two translation companies. They’ll give you a quote and if you’re satisfied, you’ll complete your payment at the vendor’s website and they’ll send the finished translation once they’re ready.

This feature could make it easier for international YouTube channels like “Visto Bueno” to reach audiences outside their Spanish-language fanbase.

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