‘Nice Guys of L.A.’ is Cruel Video Retort to Viral ‘Nice Girls of L.A.’



The “truism” that any time a guy says, “There are no nice girls,” a girl retorts, “Well, there are no nice guys” is perhaps older than time itself (though I frankly don’t see how that could be possible).

This new parody leeching onto the success of D.J. Lubel’s “Nice Girls of L.A.” video is a budget-conscious retort that says, “Anything you can do, I can do more budget consciously.” Did I mention this video is budget conscious? And where did they cast the guys for these videos? I feel like I am looking at some husbands and possibly one father. You girls bid low in life, don’t blame us.

Now I might not exactly fit into that “nice guys” category (I’ll steal your grandma’s walker while she’s on the toilet if I can), but I can certainly vouch for the fact that there are a lot more nice guys running around L.A. than there are “nice girls.” See, “nice girls” is something of an anomaly. There aren’t any “nice girls” in L.A. because all the “nice girls” do is shack up with scumbag asshole types (not me exactly, but more fit/rich versions of me). No, a guy’s definition of “nice” is some proper fit bird with big ol’ cans and a willingness to do pantsless yoga while we choke ourselves with a belt. But she also has to be someone I can take home to mom. That shouldn’t be impossible to find in Los Angeles.

The girls, on the other hand, when they describe what they are looking for in this video cite a guy with a lot of money and someone who doesn’t hate on fat girls. Look ladies, you can have one or the other, but not both. Christ, first your standards are too low then your standards are too high. Pick the right bowl of porridge already.

If you like this article and you are a nice guy, click here. If you didn’t like this article and you are a nice girl, click here.

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