YouTuber DevinSuperTramp Talks to NMR About The ‘World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever’ [INTERVIEW]


Devin Graham, known as Devinsupertramp on YouTube, released an insane 400 foot rope swing video last night. In a way, the video, which has received over 80,000 views in less than 24 hours is a celebratory upload. Graham, who has recently become a rising star of YouTube, just signed to talent network Fullscreen.

Sami Kriegstein, Vice President of talent at Fullscreen explained why the network sees so much promise in Graham: “Devin is that rare creator who’s built a channel by crafting a visual personality. You instantly know when you watch a video that it’s a DevinSuperTramp video. That’s extremely special. He’s outrageously talented, his energy is infectious and he’s also an all-around great guy to work with. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the Fullscreen family.”

I recently caught up with the prolific YouTube filmmaker to talk about shooting “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever,” YouTubers who inspire him and connecting to his audience through gear.



What was shooting “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever” like?

My second most-watched video of all time was a video I did last year. It is a rope swing through an arch in Utah — it has around 16 million views. So basically, I decided to do my first sequel video. This year, instead of doing a 100 foot rope swing, we did a 400 foot rope swing through a gigantic canyon.

We were there for four days, and it takes things to a whole new level. YouTuber Shaycarl actually flew down to be in it, and we had RC helicopters that we were shooting with and stuff we’ve never done before. I’m super stoked for the world to see it.

Why did you decide to work on YouTube instead of big budget Hollywood films?

Originally I went to film school to try and do big movies for the big screen, but as I was doing that whole thing I learned the value of YouTube and seeing your own name and your own brand, and I just started doing YouTube videos, and they exploded. I realized with the power of YouTube you are your own boss, and you don’t have to report a movie company or studio. The only people you are reporting back to is your audience. To me, that is so much more rewarding than working with a studio or anyone else.

Are there any YouTubers or filmmakers that have really inspired your work?

I think when I learned that there was actually something like a YouTuber it was through MysteryGuitarMan and Shaycarl, two completely different styles, but that was the first time I realized people were doing it consistently. Then I discovered Freddiew and Corridordigital, which are probably the people I look up to the most.

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