YouTuber DevinSuperTramp Talks to NMR About The ‘World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever’ [INTERVIEW]


You shoot at some insane locations — where do you find out about these places? How do you come up with the ideas for your videos?

I would look at the videos my friends were posting on Facebook and I would look at the ones that were getting the most likes, and then I would take an idea similar to that and make my own. One of the first ones I did was the bike jump into the pond; I saw someone do something similar to that and went out and created my own. Now, I basically established this brand of doing crazy things. So most of my ideas people come to me and they are like, “Hey, we are based in Hungary. We have this awesome basketball team — we’d love to fly you out there to do a video on our team.” Then I decide if it is worth kind of what I’m doing. A lot of those opportunities are the reason I could travel all around the world.

What kind of camera do you shoot with?

Canon 5D Mark II or Mark III since that camera came out. It has been super interesting to see the fact that 90% of the videos I’ve shot are on Canon 5D or a DSLR camera and when I’ll use a much higher, nicer quality camera, those videos perform the worst. I feel like that is one of the things people connect with is the camera I use. More people can actually afford the one I use. When I use a super Red Epic camera or something nicer than that, I feel like there is a misconnection between me and the audience. I try to focus on photography in a way that other people can achieve it as well.

Watching your videos really stresses me out — I’m always worried someone is going to die. Have you ever shot something and thought, “This is too gnarly — someone is going to die”?

More than anything I don’t want people to get hurt. There is no video worth someone losing their life over. Whenever I do a video it is something that someone has already done and planned for. It is something where they are the best people for this. The video today is the most dangerous video we have done. Just to set it up to make sure it was safe, we took 12 hours just to set up and rig the rope swing. And it’s not just these amatuer kids who are rigging, these are super smart mathematicians; they would calculate all the force of the rope swing to make sure it was safe, just from a mathematical standpoint. I make sure I bring in the best people at what they do.

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