Okaynate’s Nate Bennett On ‘Game of Thrones’ & Hanging Out With Grumpy Cat [INTERVIEW]


Nate Bennett, host of the Okaynate YouTube channel, is just hitting his stride as a new addition to the My Damn Channel family of vloggers. Recently joining YouTube royalty like Grace Helbig and Beth Hoyt, Bennett’s channel is quickly gaining steam with diverse vlog entries that range from how to ask someone out to a not-so-tech unboxing of a care package from Bennett’s own mother.

Hell, pursuing the comedian’s Twitter, I discovered Okaynate just got its own sweet t-shirts. Like a goddamned rocket to the moon, things are looking up for Bennett.


With the help of some newfangled technology, I caught up with Bennett where, for the most part we talked about “Game of Thrones,” which I’m fairly confident got cut from the video interview above. Also, we talked about marrying Wonder Woman. That’s what they call top notch journalism, dear reader. 

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