Over 4,000 YouTube Creators Sign Petition Asking Google To Stop New Channel Design

There is an interesting debate raging among various YouTube message boards and forums right now. The basis of the dispute rests on this question: Does YouTube actually listen to its creators?

The debate started on the YouTube forum YTtalk.com when a member posted links that directed users to a petition, which asked YouTube to “stop the new 2013 channel design.” Currently, the petition, hosted at Change.org has recieved over 4,000 backers and is only 637 signatures away from completion.

The petition begins with this plea to YouTube:

“Speaking for the majority of the YouTube community, we are utterly horrified at the new layout and I truly hope YouTube will hear the cries of the loyal users.”

Further on, the document explains the reason for the outcry saying, “These new designs severely decrease the productivity of YouTubers. This completely removes most forms of customization which is what YouTube is all about.”

While the negative response to YouTube’s new layout has attracted thousands of supporters, many aren’t optimistic about Google’s response to the petition.

One user at YTtalk echoes these thoughts explaining, “I doubt signing a petition will get YouTube to change the layout. YouTube doesn’t seem to care what others think, as long as the big main channels keep getting views.”

Possible actualities aside, many petitioners seem steadfast in their commitment against the new layout, as one writes under “Reasons for signing,” “These changes are a massive ‘middle finger’ to every single YT Creator. Admit you’ve messed up and failed, and revert it back to what everyone actually liked.”

As I’m writing this, the petition has received over 300 signatures as more and more creators make their voices heard.

So, if the petition reaches 5,000 signatures will YouTube listen? We reached out to Google and asked. We will update as soon as we receive any word from them.

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