PlayStation 4 Will Let Users Upload Gameplay Footage Straight To YouTube


In July, 2012, Sony bought cloud-based gaming service Gaikai for $380 million. The acquisition was said to allow Sony to launch the PlayStation 4 with the ability to stream PlayStation 3 games.

Now according to the Wall Street Journal, the involvement of Gaikai within the PS4 will also help facilitate social media integration, specifically with YouTube.

The WSJ reports that the PS4 will be able to upload videos directly to YouTube. The specifics of the YouTube integration are still spotty, but some information is known. The WSJ writes:

“The new PlayStation also will allow players to share achievements on social networks through smoother links to Facebook or Twitter, while also enabling aspects such as sharing footage of game play online through YouTube, people familiar with Sony’s plans said.”

Whether Sony is planning to let users upload ingame footage directly to YouTube is still unclear. However, if every PS4 came equipped with the tools necessary to create and upload gameplay footage, it could radically change modern game commentary on YouTube.

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