Ryan Higa On ‘Internet Icon’ Season Two and Being YouTube’s #3 Most Subscribed [INTERVIEW]

Over the past eight years, YouTube has become an incredible resource utilized by entertainers passionate about sharing their talents with the digital world. Determined to find the talented individuals lost within the overly saturated world of YouTube, the series “Internet Icon” is giving viewers the chance to decide who will be the next big YouTube star.

“Internet Icon,” an online video-making talent competition hosted by Chester See and featuring judges Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin, recently announced that it has signed on with the YOMYOMF Network for a second season. The show was created to not only unearth a rare gem of YouTube talent but to also coach contestants through the challenge of creating, filming and editing all types of videos within six hours — an incredibly challenging task for even the most experienced YouTuber.

Season two, which has yet to announce a premiere date, will be hosted by the Brothers Riedell, the winners of last season, and feature guest judges such as Jenna Marbles, Kassem G, Smosh, Shane Dawson and Wong Fu. At the end of January, the season two call for applicants was closed, and the network has recently begun filtering through YouTubers to see who will go on to be part of the top 10 competing in the series. This season the stakes are even higher than the last with $10 thousand being offered to the winner. “Internet Icon” judge and YouTube personality Ryan Higa talked with NMR about what to expect from “Internet Icon” season two and his personal goals as an independent creator for 2013.


What are some things we can look forward to from the second season of “Internet Icon” that are different from the last?

Ryan Higa: We are excited to have an outstanding line up of judges, Felicia Day, Wong Fu, Phil DeFranco, Kassem G, Fine Bros, Shane Dawson, Smosh and Jenna Marbles.

What’s the best part about being a judge for “Internet Icon”? Who was personally your favorite contestant last year a why?

The best part of being a judge is seeing firsthand the amazing talent that’s out there. As a judge, you try your best to not have a favorite . You look for their strengths and weaknesses.

As the second season for YOMYOMF comes in February, what are some things fans should be excited for?

“Internet Icon” season 2, of course!

Seeing that you are not signed with a major network like Fullscreen or Maker Studios, do you feel that joining a network is beneficial for creators like you?

 Joining a network is probably good for some people … I can’t really say being I have no experience working with a network.


Photo Credit: Kevin Ou

You’re one of the few independent creators that still really sticks consistently with putting out content that doesn’t require a lot of production value, and the velocity of your growth hasn’t stopped. Do you believe that you can still become a popular YouTube creator in this day and age with just a simple webcam and camcorder?

I’ve always believed it’s all about the content and not necessarily about how good a camera you have. And definitely, knowing how to edit helps.

You formed YTF with a group of your friends, whom are also well known YouTubers. In one sentence, what is YTF?

YTF is three words: Yesterday, Today, Forever; Yesterday is the past, Today you have a choice and Forever is up to you.

You were once the #1 most subscribed on YouTube and now you’re #3. Does this drop affect you personally at all?

I was honored to be #1 and never expected to remain there forever.

So what’s next for your personal brand in 2013? Do you have any secret projects you’ve been working on for your channel that you’d like to reveal to us at this time?

My goal is continue to produce content for my channels and enjoy doing it!

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