Ryan Seacrest Asks Fans To Vote For Their Favorite YouTubers, Leaves Out Smosh & Felicia Day

RyanSeacrest.com is apperantely a website that people visit often. So often in fact, that recently, after posting a web poll asking “Who is your favorite YouTube Personality?” over 30 thousand people shared the post. Now, whether RyanSeacrest.com is actually a “thing” is neither here nor here. What is important however, is the fact that “the hardest working man in Hollywood” is giving a little love to the YouTube world.

The poll/post explains, “we got our favorite YouTube personalities and we need your help deciding who the ultimate owns YouTube with their videos!” Confusing grammar choices aside, the poll has received 69 comments so far, including a post from Tyler Oakley, a YouTuber featured in the poll.

Interestingly, YouTuber Lohanthony is leading in the poll with 14.8 percent of votes. Ray William Johnson, Freddie Wong and iJustine are all sporting surprisingly low results with none of them breaking over 2 percent of votes. Past NMR featured guest Brittani Taylor is also on the list with 0 percent of votes; come on people, vote for her, she is way cooler than half the people on that list.

Some notable snubs to the list include as one commenter points out “Smosh? Grace Helbig?, Jack Douglass?, Where are they?” Not to mention, the post didn’t include YouTube’s original poster girl Felicia Day, very curious indeed.

You can check out the post and vote for your favorite YouTuber here. For more proof as to why you should be voting for Brittani Taylor, check out our interview with her — “Brittani Louise Taylor | YouTube Personality“.

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