Screaming Nic Cage ‘Guests’ on Taylor Swift ‘Trouble’ Meme [VIDEO]

And the meme train keeps rolling along.

Taylor Swift is on the cusp of becoming an internet joke. Well, a bigger internet joke than she already maybe is.

First it started with the delightful and always funny “screaming sheep” meme doing vocal fills on her hit song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Now Nic Cage has gotten into the mix, and if I remember my levels of internet hell, they go Screaming Sheep, Nic Cage, bacon. I don’t know how bacon is going to be in there next, warbling along with the lovely-but-apparently-undatable Miss Swift, but mark my words: bacon.

I just hope before that happens, the good people of Pitchfork will get their chance to lament that bacon used to be good, but now it is trying to be “too commercial.”

And for the record, Nic Cage’s appearance here makes this song waaay better.

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