Screen Team Gets Engaged Geeky Style in Catchy Music Video



YouTube proposals typically fall into two categories: “bold mushy romantic gestures” or “cruel pranks.” I feel like this one is the former.

Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus, two YouTube creators who go by the handle “The Screen Team,” just announced their engagement to the world in the most YouTube way possible — they put it in a music video. Their first original music video, in fact. Yay, them (for both reasons)!

Twitter congratulations have been flowing in for the couple who make videos dedicated to all things “nerdy,” since they uploaded the song “Geeky Love (Marry Me)” a short time ago. The song is catchy as hell too, so make sure you check it out in its entirety, but the filmed engagement (which looks like it came as a surprise to Angie) happens at the 2:40 mark. Coolly, Chad proposes to her on one knee at Disneyworld while she is wearing Minnie Mouse ears. Good work, my friend.

Their channel has over 300,000 subscribers, so not that it matters too much, but they just got one more. Congrats from NMR!

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