‘Sesame Street’ Mocks ‘Downton Abbey’ For Their Upside Down World [VIDEO]

For a while now you’ve probably been hearing about that show “Downton Abbey,” what with all its British people spending their days drinking tea, fanning themselves under parasols and getting frisky once the chandeliers go down. Yep, it’s quite a ridiculous show, but one that never fails to put my life back into perspective. Sure I might be having a shitty day after construction workers have torn off my roof when all I requested was for my showerhead to be realigned, but at least I haven’t married my cousin, a la Mary and Matthew. I may be stuck in traffic on the 405 for two hours trying to get home to Valencia but at least I don’t have a mother-in-law who throws down like Madame Crawley. And I’m not the only one enjoying the dog-eat-dog world for the Downton household — just this week “Sesame Street” took it’s own stab at the stiff manners of old-world Madame Crawley and the head servant of the household, Mr. Carson. In this four minute spoof, the British drama is perfectly articulated with two puppets and one kidney pie. And enjoy, mum!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPqL-1aSbn0?modestbranding=1;showinfo=0]

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