Shay Carl Raises Over $200K As “I’m Vlogging Here” Indiegogo Campaigns Ends

Last week, after posting an iPhone-recorded update promoting the Indiegogo campaign for the documentary “I’m Vlogging Here,” YouTube vlogger Shaycarl received truckloads of negative feedback from fans and antagonists alike.

It turns out that Shay’s fans were none-too-happy about the veteran vlogger asking for funds in excess of $250 thousand when many felt he was more than capable of financing the film himself.

The Indiegogo backlash was a clear example of how crowdsourced fundraising could turn on a creator who many feel is already independently wealthy. In the wake of the backlash, YouTuber Ray William Johnson posted a comment on his Facebook page saying:

Two days after Ray posted the update, Shay and Corey Vidal,  the director of “I’m Vlogging Here,” appeared on “What’s Trending” to speak about the project and possibly extinguish the flame war that had begun between supporters of Shay and those who saw the Indiegogo campaign as excessive.

It seems that the mix of positive and negative press ended up benefiting Shay and “I’m Vlogging Here” as the project recently surpassed its $180 thousand goal eventually raising over $200 thousand. According to the project’s Indiegogo page, full-time production is slated to begin in March and run through August 2013.

Shay posted a Facebook update 12 hours ago detailing the final moments of the campaign saying, “An AMAZING day! Grateful for @YouTube & it’s [sic] community.”

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