Smosh Releases A New iPhone Game, and We Are Giving Away Free Shirts To Celebrate It

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, we get it guys; you are modern day YouTube Renaissance men. Stop rubbing it in. First, Smosh launches three new channels (El Smosh, Shut Up! Cartoons and Smosh Games) then the official Smosh channel becomes the most subscribed YouTube channel. Now, as if being YouTube’s most beloved icons wasn’t enough, Smosh now has a brand new iOS app. Yeesh, overachieve much?


The appropriately titled “Smosh Super Head Esploder X” takes notes from 8-bit classics like Mario and Contra and covers it with that super sweet candy coating of madness that is Smosh. All of your favorite Smosh staples make appearances in game, including Teleporting Fat Guy and Boxman.

But listen, I’m not here to just talk about how fancy Smosh is. I think it’s time to give away some free stuff like these ultra extra terrific “Super Head Esploder X” shirts and posters:



Pretty sweet, right?

If you want one totally free, just share this article. Share it with everyone and anyone you know on Twitter and mention us using @NewRockstars or tag us on Facebook.

The lucky winners will be chosen randomly, so get out there and start sharing!

*Unfortunately, for any winners whom are out of the U.S. you guys will have to cover for the shipping costs of the t-shirt since we don’t have enough budget for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

You can pick up “Smosh Super Head Esploder X” on iTunes here.

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