‘Snoop Lion’ Launches New ‘Dime of the Month’ Web Show with Maker [VIDEO]


Snoop Dogg (now “Lion”) has entered a new phase of his career — filming decently attractive women doing stupid things for meaningless titles. Most of us can only dream of having “phases” in our “career.”

Called “Dime of the Month,” Snoop’s show, launched through Maker Studios with Cashmere Agency and Snoop’s WestFestTV, aims to be a “Snoopified” parody series spoofing competition and beauty shows.

Each episode will feature three “dimes” (perfect “10” girls) competing in head-to-head fashion in skills competitions featuring interviews, talent and (naturally) a runway strut. A rotating panel of judges, including Bishop Don “Magic” Juan (who was an actual bona fide pimp — and still may well be), Al Shearer and Maker creator Lil’ Debbie will judge the girls and bestow the best amongst them with the title “Dime of the Month.”

snoop-1“Snoop has successfully expanded his online footprint with ‘GGN’ and we look to grow that reach even further with ‘Dime of the Month,’” said Nick Adler, “Dime of the Month” Co-Creator and VP of Business Development at Cashmere Agency in their press release. “Cashmere’s relationship with Snoop has enabled him to continue to be a trailblazer in adapting new technology and developing his brand across platforms, and ‘Dime of the Month’ is another example of this expansion. With the help of Maker Studios, we look forward to creating more original content on the WestFestTV YouTube channel.”

The show airs monthly, with 12 official winners being crowned and then one bonus “Wild Card Winner” will be chosen by fans via social media. Airing on Snoop’s popular WestFestTV YouTube channel (350,000+ subscribers), the show released its initial episode yesterday and has already garnered 33,000 views. Is it any good? The short answer is — I wouldn’t exactly call any of those girls “dimes,” but major props on the judges spending their time dissing the girls for being low enough to be a contestant on a show that gives out a title like “Dime of the Month.” Also, is that a laugh track?!  

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