Social Media Study Finds Youth, Black People Frequent Twitter and Instagram More


Which demographic group uses Twitter and Instagram the most? Which gender frequents Pinterest on a regular basis? These are some of the questions answered in the Pew Research Center’s “The Demographics of Social Media Users” 2012 report released on Thursday.

The survey reports that social media is more popular than ever, with about 83 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 connected to social media and more women (71 percent) using social media networks than men (67 percent). Facebook dominates the social media landscape with 67 percent of people surveyed actively using the site, with 72 percent of women and 86 percent of people aged 18-29 dominating.

In addition to Facebook, the survey also breaks down other individual social media networks. The survey notes that Twitter was used by 26 percent of African-Americans surveyed and 27 percent of users ages 18 to 29 as opposed to 14 percent of whites and 2 percent of users 65 and older. African-Americans were also predominant on Instagram, with 23 percent of them surveyed using the app in comparison to 11 percent of whites. Pinterest is mainly a haven for college-educated women under 50, with 25 percent of women surveyed using the site compared to only 5 percent of men. Tumblr, which is used by 6 percent of those surveyed, is intensely popular among young people aged 18 through 29.

The Pew Research Center surveyed 1,802 Internet users between November 14 and December 9 of last year.

See how the survey breaks down the most popular social media networks by reading the full report here.

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