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So you guys kind of have the ability to create your own shows and bring your own ideas in and actually get those done?

Elliott: Yeah, I think we get some crap because the videos that we put out are typically we earn that white orb but because of that and because there is a time crunch, and we do have an insane amount of creative freedom to take that and kind of like treat it a little bit like it’s a blank canvas and hopefully do some fun stuff.
Meg: I mean, we literally come in and do things like, today we’re going to play “White Noise” because it just came out, and we’re all going to get scared shitless, and now that’s a video.
Trisha: As long as it gets the okay from “Big Daddy Phil” then we can run with it.
Lee: We should call him that now.
Elliott: I don’t think he’ll like that.
Steve: I’m uncomfortable with that [laughs].


How many shows does SourceFed currently have now?

Steve: There is a lot of stuff kind of like in the works.
Lee: Yeah, there is a lot of stuff in the works.
Steve: We got that thing that we used to call “20 Minutes or Less” — it’s not really.
Lee: And I think there are also different segments to that show where it’s like we do different things like “Elli” does a lot of pop culture stuff, Joe does “Feeling Good,” we do “Stupid vs. Stupid,” then we do “Head to Head” and all of our gaming streams.
Steve: Gather our nerdy kind of stuff.
Trisha: Movie club.
Steve: Commentary is another one.
Lee: One on One.
Steve: We’re testing out a new show that’s actually pretty cool called “Table Talk.”
Elliott: Table top? [group laughs]
Trisha: “Table Talk.”
Elliott: So the short answer is we don’t know.
Lee: The short answer is a dozen, and I feel like there is always still stuff in the works too like if we came that day and we like I want to try this out, there is always still stuff there. It’s all there.

Now how did each of you get the job?

Elliott: Bribery mostly. Trust fund money that I just dumped out. No, I auditioned back —
Joe: I think we all auditioned.
Steve: Well, except my dad is a millionaire, and he knows people, and he hooked me up with the job.
Meg: All five of you auditioned at the same time?
Lee: No, I think Trisha?
Trisha: These guys all auditioned at the same time and then like a month later I auditioned.
Meg: And then, like six months later, I auditioned.
Trisha: That’s about right.

Joe: We all went through a process.
Lee: We all went through an audition together. I remember reading with every single one of them. I remember Steve said something about spanking it in my first audition with him.
Joe: Lee touched everybody.
Lee:I touched everybody. And then I remember Elliot being so tall next to me that I was like —
Steve: From what I understand Phil and James and the other people involved in the production of the show before it started went through at least 7,000 different people.
Meg: I like that you almost said seven.
Trisha: I think you just made up that number.
Steve: It was 7,000 different possible hosts that they went through, and they watched over 75 thousand VHS tapes.
Lee: Dude, Snagglepus no.
Elliott: Get me Steve Zaragoza stat.
Lee: Wile E. Coyote, he’s not available.
Elliott: We watched. Every now and then we’ll stumble upon old videos — and they’re still there, the very first ones, before we started actually airing Sourcefed ‘cause we had a few weeks before we were prepping, and, good lord, they were so bad.
Joe: Maybe we won’t give you a sneak peek of them.
Steve: See, you guys are always like, “Do not even mention the audition tapes,” but those tapes exist!
Lee: Those tapes exist!
Elliott: It’s like they’re more embarrassing.
Joe: I think it’s funny that we’re calling them “the tapes” [group laughs].
Elliott: VHS tapes lying around.
Lee: Tapes — they’re in here somewhere. Let’s go look in the attic.
Trisha: What else would you call them though? Audition files?
Lee: Yeah those files exist.
Meg: Footage, audition footage.
Steve: Auditionfile.jpeg.
Lee: Good job buddy.
Joe: The auditions.
Trisha: It wouldn’t be a jpeg at all though.
Lee: Okay, Trisha, that’s a nerd thing.
Joe: Next question!

Moving on … you guys just won a pretty major award here at the Streamys. Tell me a little bit about the award and how you won it and your Streamys experience at large.

Elliott: Bribery most likely [group laughs].
Joe: We one, didn’t expect it. If you watch the footage, every reaction is a hundred percent real because we practice our losing faces, and we all were like, “Ah what!”
Elliott: We were like, “Guys, if we lose, this is gonna be hilarious. Ready, here we go.”
Meg: We were holding hands too. We were ready. I’m holding Steve and Trisha’s hands and ready to be really dramatic and lose.
Steve: And that’s not a joke like, I know we’ve been joking a lot, but we only talked about what we’d do if we lost. We absolutely did not plan winning. At all. Not like we were like, “Ah we suck,” but it was just we just felt like there were so many great people being nominated and there were so many great shows.
Lee: It’s also just like a testament to our friggin’ viewers.
Meg: Absolutely!
Trisha: Our fans are amazing.
Meg: No, we were nominated for four awards, but we were talking about if we could just win one this is the one that we wanted.
Steve: Very cool, and the Streamys was the first award ceremony that I’ve ever really been to and to be a part of.
Lee: I’m so sorry about that.
Elliott: One day I mean.
Steve: I know maybe someday I’ll be able to enjoy one, but to go to my first award show and actually be in it and be a part of it was such like a crazy new experience, it was really cool. And then meeting everyone in our field, meeting all those peers, all those people that make content on YouTube and the internet, it was just awesome.
Joe: You were two feet away from Larry King!
Steve: [yells] Yeah I was!
Joe: Did he smell like Bengay?
Trisha: And also Ken Marino.
Meg: We had press to do backstage, and Joe refused to leave until Vanilla Ice was done.
Joe: That’s not a lie. That’s a hundred percent truth, and I feel zero percent shame.
Trisha: How often do you get to see Vanilla Ice perform live? Really?
Meg: It was amazing!
Trisha: Very cool.
Joe: So it was good, but really it’s our fans’ award because it was the audience’s choice for a reason, and it’s the “our fans voted more than your fans award” and we won. ‘Cause we have some hard working fans.
Trisha: ‘Cause we have some cool fans!


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