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Why do you guys feel you work so well together?

Steve: We’re a bunch of wackadoos.
Meg: I feel like it’s just a thinly veiled hatred that we do a great job of [laughs].
Lee: I don’t know. I think we all have a sense of humor, and I think that’s a real big part of it to have.
Steve: Also we’re all actors, so we’re really good at acting like we like each other.
Meg: Not at all. Not even close.
Trisha: I think that we’re a really good Scooby gang of people. Like everybody has their own interests, and everybody has their different background that they come to, and I think it provides a very well rounded look at stuff.
Steve: What was the hit song like the Scooby gang did?
Meg: [laughs] No idea.
Trisha: [sings] Scooby, Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Meg: That song?
Joe: That’s the theme song [group laughs].
Meg: I just feel like if we have a question about something or if we’re not really sure about something, there is always somebody in our group who has. “Oh my gosh, I know somebody who did that,” or like just have so many experiences to bring together that they really compliment each other.
Elliott: I know in the beginning, me, Joe and Lee never knew each other prior to auditioning or starting, but then shortly after we started carpooling together and you can only wake up at like 4:30 a.m. so many weeks in a row before you start getting to know each other really well. Yeah, we just spend a lot of time together.
Steve: Also I think so much of our day is based around like — ‘cause we all have fantastic senses of humor, if I could say so about you guys and myself. All of our relationships are definitely based around humor also, and I think that we just, we all get each other and our weird jokes, and that helps so much.
Joe: Do you guys remember Jake, and he didn’t get our humor, and then we stoned him for it? [group awws]
Elliott: That was funny, just a handful of pebbles.
Lee: That was my favorite, that was my favorite!
Steve: He bled so much!
Lee: Oh my god, what an idiot that guy was.
Trisha: You guys are so — I work with such douchebags.
Meg: Pot calling the kettle black, Trisha.
Trisha: Hey, I’m a nice person.
Meg: You’re a nice lady. I’m a great fucking person! [laughs]


Do you guys hang around outside of work together, or do you go your separate ways?

Steve: I would never allow any of them into my home. I would never allow them in my car.
Meg: Yeah, we absolutely do! Trisha and I did Thanksgiving together this year.
Trisha: We cooked a turkey and everything, it was great!
Joe: Oh, you did?
Lee: That’s good to know.
Meg: [whispers] Yeah we did.
Joe: I guess.
Trisha: You guys all have families and stuff that you spent your Turkey Day with.
Meg: We’re the loners.
Steve: Joe, you said you spent Thanksgiving alone this year.
Joe: Yeah, my family was gone.
Meg: No, he didn’t, no he didn’t.
Joe: Yeah, we hang out all the time outside.
Lee: We karaoke a lot.
Elliott: Oh yeah!
Lee: Elliot will never karaoke, but he’s an excellent audience member. Steve is amazing at A-Ha’s “Take On Me.” He’s the best I’ve ever seen.
Steve: Stop.
Lee: So yeah, we do, we hang out.
Trisha: We go to the mall.
Elliott: It’s not just us, it’s us and the editors and producers. A jolly time.
Steve: We’ll go to the mall and stuff, and sometimes we’ll go to the beach.
Joe: We go to the mall? [laughs]
Trisha: We do go to the mall! Lee and I have gone to the mall!
Joe: We take our skateboards out, and we go down to the mall, we’ll see you later.
Meg: Steve’s favorite thing is him and one of our producers Matthew Boman will drive by the mall and then ask people sitting outside of the mall, “Do you know where the mall is?”
Steve: Where’s the mall? [laughs]
Meg: And I’m always in the backseat like [hides].
Steve: It’s a classic.
Elliott: I mean you have to be there.
Steve: Remember that time we all went to the Museum of Tolerance together?
Lee: Oh god, remember how “Elli” would not stop crying?

Fill in the blank for me: Drugs are ________?

Trisha: Bad!
Steve: Dogs.
Meg: Fun to play with.
Joe: Existing.
Steve: Profitable.
Joe: Nouns.
Elliott: Good if nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.
Lee: Not better than hugs.
Steve: Good if prescribed.
Joe: This is a very long blank.
Lee: Drugs are broad in terminology.
Elliott: Good if prescribed and taken according to prescription.
Meg: Drugs are too vast of a subject to be characterized in one word.


That was a test. I’m glad you all said that or you would have all been on your way to jail right now.

[group laughs]
Joe: Drugs are inside me right now.
Steve: Drugs are integral!

Now you guys kind of pulled a 4chan kind of maneuver and you got Lee voted to the “Maxim Magazine Hot 100.”

Trisha: Yeah, Lee Newton!
Meg: I love how it’s “4chan,” like Lee on Hot 100 List, Hitler did nothing wrong at the top of Mountain Dew — somehow those are equated [laughs].
Trisha: Again that was the fans.
Meg: Yeah those were all the fans.
Lee: That was the fans for sure. They’re amazing.
Elliott: Well, Lee is actually a hacker, and she hacked into and rigged the whole thing [laughs].
Lee: Wouldn’t that be great if I’d been hiding my hacking skills from you this entire time?
Elliott: You’ve been doing it real well.
Meg: You’ve been doing a great job.
Steve: Except Lee thinks every monitor is a touch screen, so I don’t know how she could be a hacker [laughs].
Elliott: She doesn’t touch with her fingertips. She just takes her hand — why isn’t it working?
Joe: You guys got to go back to that list — it’s impressive. I think you were hotter than Sofia Vergara!
[group cheers]
Lee: In what world?
Joe: Vanessa Hudgens.
Lee: In what world?
Joe: You did well for yourself.
Lee: I did well. Again, our viewers are frickin’ incredible!
Trisha: She’s fancy [pets Lee’s head].
Lee: It was a really big moment of like, you know … I don’t know … fuck you, high school.
Joe: What did your parents say?
Lee: My mother said I was really glad that you were wearing so much clothing, and my dad was just like, “Dream big.” [group laughs] They were both really super supportive and amazing. They always have been, but they were just like, “Okay.” They were both very,very happy that I had so much clothing on. I think that’s why they both were like, “You were the one who had the most clothing on.”
Joe: Our parents were happy for you too.
Lee: Aw, thanks!
Steve: My parents were upset.
Trisha: It’s really funny to me when the parents get in on the show, like my mom will call me and be like, “Is Steve okay today?” My mom has never met Steve. She just knows from repeated viewings of the show she feels like she knows everyone.
Lee: I love it.
Elliott: My mom one time said, “Joe seems like a good guy,” and I said, “Oh well.”
Steve: My mom does not speak highly of any of you [laughs].
Meg: Least of all you, Steve.
Steve: Least of all me. This is true.
Joe: Stop calling.
Steve: Thanks mom, I love you!
Elliott: I’m on the internet!
Steve: See you at Christmas maybe?
Joe: This went dark.
Lee: Yeah, I’m so sorry we always go dark.
Joe: Next question!
[Group in unison]:  Yeah!

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