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Do you guys get recognized in public a lot? What’s your fan interaction like?

Lee: Yeah, it’s been a weird transition ‘cause I’m always like, “Does that person — what do I have on my face?” Like that’s what I always think. What do I have on my face? What am I wearing? Did I step in something? And then they are like, “Are you Lee Newton?” and I’m like, “Oh! Thank god!”
Joe: I am mentally prepared for any type of fan interaction up until the point of “Hi, you’re Joe Bereta?” I’m like “Yeah, who are you?” I shake hands, and then I don’t know where to go from there.
Steve: You’re done!
Elliott: I’m always afraid that I’m going to come off like a jerk, so I come off like I think overly excited and creepy. Hey, hi, I’m nice, I’m not mean, I love you, okay, bye, this is weird, okay!
Lee: Thanks for watching!
Steve: One of my favorite meeting-a-fan-in-public experiences was I was at Subway, and the guy working at the counter recognized me, and he’s like, “Oh my god, are you from Sourcefed?” I was like, “Thanks man,” and he kept talking to me and all the other people in the restaurant were like looking like, “Who is this guy? This guy can’t be anybody important.” Nobody recognized me except this one guy.
Joe: And you’re holding up the line.
Steve: Exactly!
Lee: They’re like, “Who this jerk!”
Steve: They are all staring like, “Who is it? Who is he?”
Joe: People turn into trolls?
[group makes troll noises]
Meg: No, it’s funny because I dated somebody who got recognized a lot so now when people recognize me I’m like me? Really?
Elliott: Leonardo DiCaprio was kind of a jerk-off.
Meg: I know we had to cut it off. It was just too much.
Trisha: The best one for me was when someone came up to me, “You look just like Trisha Hershberger.” That was like the weirdest thing ever.
Meg: Did you go, “Oh my gosh, who is that?” [group laughs]
Trisha: No, I was working at an auto show, so I had a name tag on that said “Trisha.” My hair was covering it, and I went, “That’s who I am.”
Steve: Did you go, “Shhhhhhhh”?
Trisha: No, I didn’t. I hugged him and we took a picture.
Joe: I told you guys about the kid who cried, right?
Lee: Yes! And then Elliot said some guy in his mid-50s.
Elliott: That was my first one on an elevator, and he leans over to me, this is like right after Sourcefed started, and he leans over and says, “Big fan of Sourcefed.” And I go, “Thank you,” and then we rode the whole elevator down together, and I didn’t say another word to him, and I ran away giggling like a schoolgirl.
Lee: I had one guy come and he was like, “You’re Lee Newton.” I was like, “Yeah,” and I hug immediately ‘cause that’s what I do. So I was just hugging, and I was like this is too long, oh this is way too long, I got to get out of this, and then I got out of the hug, and I saw some lady with a video like on her phone, she’s just recording, and she goes, “Who are you?” I was just laughing, “Hi, ma’am.”


Do any of you have any weird stalker stories?

Steve: Oh this one does! [points at Meg]
Lee: I don’t know if you want to give it gratitude.
Meg: I really don’t want to go into too much detail but there … I don’t know why … just me. My favorite was someone did tweet me that said, “Someday your mother will suck clocks in hell” [laughs]. The iPhone autocorrect really got them, so I retweet it. I thought that was really funny.
Elliott: Oh, I get it.
Meg: Clocks. My mom also texted me to say, “I don’t know why I would suck so many clocks in hell. I don’t get it.”
Joe: That’s really not my personal hell. I really enjoy clocks! I’m totally neutral on clocks. I’m a big fan of all types of clocks.
Steve: Grandfather, pocket.
Joe: Digital. I love them all! Cuckoo!


Last question, easy enough. If you weren’t working on SourceFed, you guys would be doing what? Like not even including any acting.

Steve: Well, I’m Hispanic so I’ll let your mind wander on that one.
Joe: What does that mean?
Trisha: He didn’t think this through.
Steve: Means that I’d probably have a decent job. It’d be a little harder.
Lee: You were doing editing.
Steve:That’s true. I’d probably still be doing sound design and not being creative.
Elliott: You can’t design sound; that’s not a real job, Steve.
Steve: Joke’s on you, Elliot, because I did it!
Meg: Joe, what about you?
Joe: If I wasn’t in the entertainment industry, I’d probably be some kind of teacher.
Lee: Wow.
Joe: I think it’s something I’ll do after all of this.
Lee: I don’t know. I went to school to do everything and then didn’t finish anything, so I’d probably be either —
Elliott: A masseuse.
Lee: A masseuse.
Steve: I love how that worked out. Elliot’s like, “Masseuse.” You’d be a masseuse. Yes, I’d be a masseuse!
Lee: Honestly, I’d probably be a hair stylist because you know, why not. Or a teacher — I did want to be a teacher growing up. Oh my god, can you marry people for that kind of — yeah, I’d probably marry someone rich.
Elliott: Me too, but in addition to that I’d be in an animal hospital, so it’s good that I got this job because that’s not a good mix.
Meg: Anytime any of our animals have any problems, we’re always like, “Elliot, listen. My dog has this thing!”
Elliott: I give very limited, very vague information.
Steve: My dog ate a double D battery — what do I do?
Elliott: Wait.
[group laughs].
Steve: Okay good.
Elliott: No, just kidding. Go to the vet.
Meg: What about you, Trisha?
Trisha: I always thought about being that crazy math teacher that wears the turtleneck with like the square root and division signs all over it and overalls. I couldn’t be just any normal teacher — I’d have to be like the crazy algebra teacher. That would be pretty cool.
Meg: I went to college to get my teaching degree in history, so I’d probably be a history teacher somewhere.
Steve: What’s up with all the teachers?
Joe: We’re a bunch of teachers.
Trisha: That’s why we do the news!
Joe: My teaching career is just an excuse for me to coach basketball, because I think I would be an amazing coach.
Meg: You’d teach health.
Joe: I wouldn’t teach health. I’d teach —
Elliott: You’d giggle so much.
Joe: I could not.
Lee: Everytime you said “vas deferens.”
Steve: The vas deferens between this and this.
Elliott: Just read it.
Joe: Look at this diagram.
Steve: What’s it look like?
Meg: Ovaries.
Steve: Guess what goes in there?
Joe: So much fun you guys.
Elliott: See you tomorrow.
Joe: Fired, see you at practice.

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Photography by Sean Willis

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