Start Making Your Videos More Viral With The TubeRank App


Does the equation LOL + WTF equal a “viral” video?

If you’ve just finished reading our article about making YouTube videos go “viral,” you’ll have hopefully come away with some useful tips. However, if you want an easy way to find out how a video can go viral, the TubeRank app from UK content creation studio Rubber Republic might be able to help you out.

The studio is known for its insanely viral Fiat video, which features a British mum rapping about “The Motherhood.”

The app’s purpose is to show creators how a video can go “viral” by using data from YouTube. That same data determines why a certain video was shared and which videos appeal to certain demographics.

Chris Quigley, co-founder of Rubber Republic, explains the app’s purpose to “What TubeRank doesn’t do is generate viral ideas. What it does do is provide an inspiration filter so a producer can consider more scientifically which triggers have been particularly effective with any given community, and what conversion figures particular triggers have produced.”

TubeRank uses 10 conversation triggers to match viral videos: LOL, WTF, EPIC, Kawaii, Moving, Talent, Referential, Topical, NSFW and Educational. You can select up to three triggers at a time and determine its intensity. It also selects successful “viral” videos based on certain interests like Parenting, Automotive or Internet Culture. Once you’re finished selecting these factors, a video matching these qualifying factors is presented and you can see how that video matches with your selections.

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