Studies Show Reddit, Facebook, Twitter Are Increased Outlets For Depression

In the least surprising news of the day: young people are depressed. A conference at the University of Michigan yielded the unsurprising revelation that teens and twenty-somethings are increasingly showing signs of depression via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. According to, a study done by doctors at the University of Michigan’s Depression Center resulted in findings that showed that 25 percent of all status updates reveal signs of at least mild depression. Of course, the case could also be made that 100 percent of status updates show signs of at least mild narcissism, so don’t read too much into theoretical statistics. I don’t, however, dispute that young people are depressed.The economy sucks, we mostly all feel like failures in some capacity, and people continue to upload “Harlem Shake” videos. And yet, we all realize that it can probably get way worse. I’d whine about it on Twitter, but every other asshole is already doing the same damn thing.

“This is our future,” said Dr. John Greden, executive director of the Depression Center during the conference. “These are the modalities in which we intervene.”

Thank you, science.

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