‘The Women of L.A.’ is Hot, Hilarious, Accurate New Video


Meet DJ Lubel — you’ve probably seen him popping up around YouTube videos as “generic nerdy guy,” especially if you watch Taryn Southern’s music videos (rawr!). But perhaps unbeknownst to you, he is a creator himself and now, clearly, he is one to be reckoned with.

Just dropping his new music video, “The Women of L.A.”, Lubel teams up with the likes of Jaleel White (yes, Urkel), Dennis Haskins (yes, Mr. Belding), and Pauly Shore (yes, he’s still alive) to create one of the funniest and most accurate videos to bang down the YouTube pipe EVER!

Diagnosing what used to be my problem with L.A. women (until I married an Orange County girl — whole different set of issues) DJ breaks down L.A. by its various boroughs (or whatever the hell you call them on this side of the country) and the women that populate them. Turns out nobody is getting laid in this goddamn city. Why does that only make me feel marginally better?

Adam Wescott, the VP of Network Development at PMC Studios, the house responsible for the hilarity, happened to be hanging around (possibly eating an orange or something) and so we were able to ask him just where the hell this DJ cat came from — and just how the hell they’re going to get him where he’s destined to go. “His style of comedy is so perfectly fitted for the YouTube audience,” Wescott says. He adds:

“What he really just needed was the push to continue to create the content. And through all of our resources and shared resources, you know, getting this video out there is the start of a lot of great stuff he’s going to do. He’s used YouTube — but he’s never really used YouTube.”

Well he’s using it now, and I can’t wait to see what he does with it next. Unless, you know, he starts killing police officers with it and then burns to death in a cabin after a shootout with cops. Anything short of that will be just ducky with me.

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