‘Tumblr’ Music Video from College Humor is Viral, Funny, Useful [VIDEO]



College Humor has stumbled across the magic formula for making viral videos: take one social media medium and just sing the hell out about its most cliche elements. The result is delightful.

In this instance, Tumblr gets the lyrical deconstructing in this sort of show tunes ode to all things bullshit Tumblr accounts. From the Benedict Cumberbatch idolatry to all the damn fashion posts, “Your Tumblr Dashboard Sings” brings feel-good toe-tapping to the fastest-growing social media platform out there.

And if you’re new to Tumblr or asking, “What’s the hell’s a Tumblr in the first place?” well, good news, because the video also acts as an all-encompassing guide to the site. Now that’s comedy you can use.

Check out College Humor’s other social media parody where they shine a candle to all things Instagram.    

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