UK’s Virgin Media Offers YouTube On Its TiVo Listings


YouTube is on a mission to get you to watch viral videos anywhere and everywhere. Their mission is a little easier now that another British cable and satellite company is making it more convenient for their customers to watch YouTube on demand.

Virgin Media has revamped its TiVo guide to include YouTube videos so that cable customers can have easy TV access to their favorite cat videos, Harlem Shake renditions and videos that make their viewers feel like they’re on drugs. Customers can access the app for free on channel 198 starting today, or they can find YouTube channels on the Search and Browse menus.

This makes Virgin Media’s YouTube feature one of the first of its kind in Britain. Earlier this month, free UK satellite service provider Freesat announced that it is launching a new app at the end of March which allows their customers to watch YouTube videos on their televisions.

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