Undocumented UC Berkeley Math Whiz Takes Dream Act Plea To YouTube [VIDEO]

Last week, Terence Park got his acceptance letter from Yale University to enroll in their biostatistics graduate program. Currently a UC Berkeley undergraduate student, Park worked jobs ranging from laundry cleaning to tutoring students in private homes in order to fund his education. However, there’s something stopping him from achieving a high-paying job in the future.

In this well-crafted video posted on YouTube by the educational group The Dream Is Now, Park reveals he is an undocumented immigrant who came with his family from South Korea as a child. He gives his explanation as to why the Dream Act, which would give people like him a path to legal residency, should be passed. He writes on a blackboard “$23,000,” the cost of deporting a single undocumented youth, and with 2.1 million undocumented young people, taxpayers would have to pay $48.3 billion.

The video adds that if the Dream Act passes, “Dreamers” who will have their status legalized would contribute billions more to the economy in wages, tax revenue and investments than if they were booted out of the United States completely.

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