Vimeo Acquires GIF-Making App Echograph And Then Gives It Away For Free

Like GIFs? Well so does Vimeo. So much so, the video-sharing site just acquired iOS app Echograph. The once $2.99 app allows users to turn short videos into even shorter GIFS. After all, why would you watch all of “Saving Private Ryan” when you could just watch this again and again:


As part of the acquisition, Vimeo will now be offering Echograph free of charge on iTunes. Echograph’s creator, Nick Alt will join the Vimeo team as the site’s vice president of mobile.

Last month, microblogging site Twitter launched their own GIF-oriented iOS app Vine, which allowed users to upload six second looping videos.

Unfortunately, things got a little NSFW for Vine as some rather salacious uploads put the app right in the 17+ category. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen for Echograph, or does happen — depends on your levels of perversion.

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