Viral Youtube Anti-Bullying Poem Attracts Verbal Response From Bully [VIDEO]


So Shane Koyczan wrote a poem

About the weirdos who live
on the fringe
of the playgrounds and schoolyards.
The bullied youth
The weak, the poor and the smelly
The obtuse and odd
And the downright ugly.

And it got a lot of views
the internet at large
Well guess what

You’re not the only one
Who can string lyrics in a flow.
That make words come out
Sounding poetic.

This poem should be read fast
and slow
At alternating points
With punctuations
in places
that they maybe?
ought not be.
Except this poem
Was written from the perspective
Of a bully

We’re getting a bad rap
in this day
and age
Because we want lunch
But guess what?
We also can’t
Make pretty videos and
do nifty graphics.
So we lash out
not on YouTube
but in online magazines.

And people hate us
But that’s okay.
Because us bullies.
Don’t do it
To effect a change.

We want journalism awards.
And maybe a fruit basket.

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