‘World Cancer Day’ Movement Asks You to Share #istandupfor

Every year, cancer takes the lives of 7 million people. Statistics show that worldwide 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. And today, “Stand Up To Cancer” is asking you to take a stand against this staggering epidemic. With February 4th being World Cancer Day, the “Stand Up To Cancer” movement is asking people around the world to take a share the names of their loved ones who are fighting or have fought against this disease.

In the YouTube video “World Cancer Day 2013: Join the Global Movement,” celebrities such as Tim McGraw, Emma Stone, Seth Rogan, Tom Hanks and Katie Couric, among others, share with you who they are standing up for today. To get involved, fill out the “Stand Up To Cancer” placard with the names of those you are standing up for and tweet or Instagram your photo with the hashtag #istandupfor. Take a stand today and let your voice be heard.

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