YouTube Ad Blitz Releases 2013 Super Bowl Ad Winners


Hey, remember how there was a Super Bowl a few weeks back, and how everybody was kind of “meh” about the commercials during it? Well apparently, they weren’t so “meh” after all.During the game, YouTube had an online voting booth set up in the form of their annual Ad Blitz ad contest to determine which commercials during the big game that John Q. Public liked the best. And according to the Ad Blitz press release, “the (top) five spots combined generated more than 61 million views on YouTube in two weeks — making up more than 30 percent of all total views of game day ads and teasers on YouTube so far (as of 5/14).” This quantified data is crucial to both YouTube and advertisers (mostly so they can copy the winning commercial’s success for next year).If that’s the case though, it turns out we’re going to have a lot of boring farm-based commercials. The winner of the Ad Blitz award for most-liked commercial is: “Farmer” by Chrysler Group. You remember, it was that one with genteel old Paul Harvey talking about the importance of farmers in America while the showed a Ram truck. It was all folksy and made you attempt to do the slow clap while your mouth was full of queso dip.

Michael Yapp, the director at ZOO, YouTube’s advertising agency, was kind enough to offer NMR his insight into what makes Farmer such a cultural touchstone with all us little folk:

Sometimes in a very noisy environment, a quiet, intimate tone speaks louder than than all the competing noise. Paul Harvey — his voice, his credibility; his association with the heartland; his folksy paean to a place and time we all felt was lost, lent an authenticity and a heartfelt note to the aspirations of a country that sometimes seems to have strayed from its moral compass. Ram’s “The Farmer” hit a soft spot we all may have forgotten we had. And while my personal favorite was Bar Rafaeli making out with the geek (it was voted as the least favorite one — go figure), the rest of the top five reads as follows:

2. Budweiser “The Clydesdales”

3. Samsung “The Next Big Thing”

4. Jeep “Whole Again”

5. Hyundai “Team”

I guess the moral of this story is: If you’re going to advertise during the Super Bowl, be a car company — people seem to like those.

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