YouTube Details The Finer Points Of Video Monetization And AdSense Accounts


In the event that you are a new YouTube partner and have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, the fine folks at the YouTube Creators Blog have got your back. There’s always been a bit of confusion surrounding monetization practices, and fortunately, YouTube is looking to clear the air with their latest blog post.

The post essentially lays out everything that could confuse partners in regards to their AdSense accounts. In addition, YouTube gives a “friendly reminder,” which in other words means “don’t do this shit, or we’ll take your AdSense.” The set of reminders include basic tips like “Keep your AdSense account in good standing” and “Create family-friendly content that advertisers want to sponsor.”

The blog update offers pretty standard advice throughout but still provides an interesting look at some of the most frequently asked questions among partners. If you are a new partner looking to turn a profit from your YouTube content it would be in your best interest to check out the post and familiarize yourself with the finer points of monetization and AdSense.

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