YouTube Launches A-Pop Channel Dedicated To Showcasing the Hottest Talents From Asia

Apart from being a platform for video creators and independent musicians to showcase their talent, YouTube has been a gateway for international artists to hit the American market. YouTube has been cited as helping to propel the popularity of K-pop in the United States and is a big part of the reason why the whole world has fallen in love with “Gangnam Style.” With international musicians like Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom working with YouTube creators like Wong Fu Productions, and K-pop stars like Big Bang maintaining massive YouTube channels, it’s clear that global artists see great value in using YouTube as a platform to share their content beyond their general audience.

Today, YouTube officially launched their A-Pop Channel. This new channel will be dedicated to showing the latest and greatest talents from Asia. According to YouTube’s official blog: “The channel will be a hub for live-streaming concerts from Asian artists, directly hosting shows in progress or otherwise displaying a calendar of upcoming events. You can also find the newest videos from Asian pop artists and a playlist of the week’s Top 20. There are also individual tabs for K-Pop, C-Pop or J-Pop if you want to narrow down to one of the three.”

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NMR reached out to Clayton Jin, the Executive Director at Billboard Korea. and this is what he had to say:

Its great news that YouTube is continuing to fine tune its strategy of exposing K-POP and Asian music in general to the international community. Hopefully the launch of the A-pop Channel will allow talented artists from Asian music’s many genres to get the increased attention that they deserve.

Chad Future, an American artist working to help bring K-pop to the mainstream market, told NMR in regards to the new channel launch:

I think it’s really cool! It’s great to see big companies and brands around the world supporting the growth and movement of K-Pop around the world. It deserves to have its own channel because of how much content is always being produced from The K-Pop market too, so I think this will be a great way for international fans to connect with their favorite stars.

YouTube is definitely not slowing down and already has seven big events planned for their new channel. From March 8 – 14, fans will be able to connect with some of the biggest A-Pop stars via Google+ Hangouts. According to YouTube’s blog, here is the lineup so far:

For information on how to participate in these hangouts, visit or

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