YouTube Launches New Channel Designs To iJustine, Other Top Content Creators

[Updated 02/14/2013 9:17pm PST] iJustine has released a video giving us a preview of the new YouTube layout.

Last week, we reported that YouTube would be revamping its channels pages in the coming weeks. Now, they’ve rolled out the new channel design to a few lucky YouTube creators, including NMR friends iJustine, DeStorm Power, Epic Meal Time and MysteryGuitarMan.

The updated channel interface includes an updated “Guide” feature that lists your subscriptions on the left-hand side as well as related channels on the right-hand side. Videos uploaded on the channel will be easier to navigate and are categorized based on recent videos, playlists and the most-popular uploads.

In a guest post on the YouTube Creator Blog, iJustine gave a couple of tips to content creators in preparation for the new changes ahead for channel pages. One is to create a “trailer” to get people to subscribe to their channel. This will be the first video that viewers who aren’t subscribed to your channel will see when they look at your page. Next is to create some channel art, which will look similar to the cover photo found on Facebook profiles.

If you want to see an example of what your new channel will look like, check out these screenshots of iJustine’s revamped page below and tell us what you think:

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