Improve Your Music Channel: YouTube Puts Out ‘Creator Playbook For Musicians’

Whenever new technology pops up, a small number of early adopters get in and achieve success before that loophole gets very, very narrow. YouTube, in its infancy, bred several important new musical acts, including Justin Bieber, but now the platform is oversaturated with voices all looking to bust out. Why, there is a good chance that you are a musician.


The good news is that while there are many, many people trying to make it via YouTube, there are still new artists emerging all the time (somebody has to win the lotto). Fortunately, YouTube has stepped in to help you be the one that blows the roof off. Freshly releasing their “Playbook Guide for Musicians,” the latest in their tutorial guides, the video site hopes to bring a sheen of professionalism to their next generation of musical performers. Obviously, YouTube has a bit of a stake in upping the quality of content, as more uniformity means better navigation and enhanced user interaction, but the playbook is still an incredibly valuable tool for budding crooners and rock gods.

Broken down into sections, the current guide covers such creator staples as “Optimizing for Better Discovery,” “Increasing Watch-Time” and “Engaging With Fans,” with each section delving heavily into bullet-point directions on guerilla marketing and making your site a cut above the rest.

While some of the knowledge are common sense basics such as “Collaborate with other musicians and/or YouTube channels with similar styles and audiences. Artists that tour together are good candidates for cross-promotion,” there is a wealth of outside-the-box thinking as well.

Tips like “Post a new video as a video response to one of your most popular videos,” or “Offer your musical talents to non-music channels, e.g. create another channel’s theme music, or help a channel produce a music video or musical parody.”

Short of Usher guiding your career, this is about the best asset you could want for superstardom. Oh, and that whole talent thing, I guess.

If you are curious about accessing some of the other playbooks put out by YouTube, here is Part 1 and Part 2 of their Metadata series and another playbook they did on “Channel-ization.” And for you oddballs out there, here is a “Creator Playbook as explained by a wizard.”


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