YouTube Removes Over 11 Million Views From ‘Gangnam Style’ Singer PSY’s Channel

YouTube is on a warpath as of late. The Google-owned video site has been ruthless in their recent “de-spamming” initiative, stripping millions of views from YouTube channels, chief among them the joint channels of Sony, Universal and RCA. Combined, the music channels lost over 2 billion views after YouTube removed millions of views from their respective channels in December 2012.

Recently, the YouTube channel of a South Korean pop singer you’ve never heard of faced the Google chopping block and came away 11 million views shorter. On January 31, 2013, The official PSY YouTube channel lost 11,674,878 views according to Social Blade.

Lady Gaga also lost over 176 million views in January, which many are theorizing could be due in part to YouTube “cleaning up” channels and removing views bought or gained inorganically. However, a YouTube spokesperson gave Billboard Magazine a less sensational story, explaining that views were being removed to adjust for unintentional views and pop-under videos.

With over 1 billion total views, it would seem that PSY’s channel may be experiencing the same type of video purging as Lady Gaga. Being the most-viewed YouTube video of all time, “Gangnam Style” would certainly have its share of “unintentional views.”

For the time being, it seems that purchased views aren’t the cause of PSY’s recent channel cleaning. Then again, PSY does have pistachio money, and pistachio pockets run deep. We’re on to you.

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